The Wedding of Traktor and Maschine, Part 4

The WeddingThis workshop series explains how to use Jack for Windows to send the audio of each Traktor deck to a sound configured as Input in Maschine. Once the Traktor audio is in Maschine you can apply all Maschine effects and plugins to it.

Another input of Traktor Audio 10 or Traktor Kontrol S4 will be used to playback the Maschine sounds.

This workshop part shows the configuration for Windows 7.

The parts of this workshop

Part 1: Setup for external mixer mode with Traktor Audio 10 (Mac OS X)

Part 2: Setup for internal mixer mode with Traktor Kontrol S4 (Mac OS X)

Part 3: Setup for external mixer mode with Traktor Audio 10 on Windows 7 (coming soon)

Part 4: Setup for internal mixer mode with Traktor Kontrol S4 on Windows 7 (NEW)

Part 5: MIDI Clock Synchronisation of Traktor and Maschine (UPDATE)

Part 6: Insert and Send Effects (coming soon)

Part 7: Some free plugins

Download links for this part

Part 4: Setup for internal mixing mode with Traktor Kontrol S4

The advantage of the hybrid DJ controllers (audio interface and controller integrated into one device) is, that you need only one device. Almost all hybrid controllers use the internal mixing mode of Traktor, i.e. the audio of all decks is mixed into the Mix Out signal inside the Traktor software mixer. That’s why almost all hybrid controllers are equipped with two stereo outputs only (one is used to the Master Out signal, the second one fort he Monitor Out/Headphone signal). As the number of audio channels is limited the production costs of these integrated audio interface is lower than for a soundcard that has 10 inputs and 10 outputs, like the Traktor Audio 10.

The limited number of stereo channels that a hybrid controller like Kontrol S4 has, limits the routing possibilities you have, if you want to integrate Maschine into your Traktor setup.

Other than explained in part 1 and 3 of this workshop series, you cannot route each Traktor deck individually into Maschine for further audio processing with the Maschine FX and your installed plug-ins. In internal mixer mode you can only route the Master Out signal to Maschine. In the setup explained in this workshop we will route the Master Out of Traktor into Group A/Sound 1 of Maschine. The processed audio will then be sent back to the Master out of the Kontrol S4 audio interface.

Additionally the groups B to H will be used for sounds made in Maschine with either instruments or samples. The output of these groups will be routed as Live Input into deck D and the playback of these sounds will be synced to the Traktor MIDI clock.

The routing schema looks as shown in the following figure:

Routing Schema

Even though this workshop will use the hybrid controller Traktor Kontrol S4 as an example, the principle can be transferred to other hybrid controllers easily (like Allen&Heath Xone:DX, Denon MC 6000, or Pioneer DDJ-T1) and even to other controller/audio interface setups, where no hybrid controller is used, but a separate DJ controller and a separate soundcard.

Step 1: Installing Jack for Windows

In this step you will install and configure Jack for Windows.

  1. Download the installer for Jack 1.9.8 and install Jack.
  2. Open the start menu and search for the Editor. Right-clickt the icon of the Editor and select Run as administrator.
  3. In Editor, choose File/Open, browse to the folder "32 Bits" below the Jack install folder. If Jack is installed in C:\Program Files\Jack v1.9.8\, then browse to C:\Program Files\Jackv1.9.8\32Bits.
  4. Open the file jackrouter.ini.
    Section [IO] of this file is used ti define the number of virtual inputs and outputs Jack shall proviode. For our example setup we need 2 input ports and 4 output ports.
  5. Change section [IO] as shown in the following figure. Save the changes and quit Editor.

  6. Open the start menu, open the Jack program folder, right-click the icon Jack Portaudio and select Send to/Desktop (Create shortuct).
  7. Goto your Windows desktoop and find the shortcut you just created. Right-click on the shortcut and select Properties. Open the tab Shorcut if it is not opened yet.
  8. Add the following parameters to the Target textbox:
    -d "ASIO::Traktor Kontrol S4"
    Jack Portaudio

    The parameter -d is used to define the name of the audio driver Jack shall use. If you use Traktor Kontrol S4, then enter the parameter as shown in the figure.
    If you use another hybrid-controller or another audio interface, use the name of your soundcard instead. Use the following steps if you are not sure which name to use: Goto the startmenu, search for Jack Command and launch the shortcut. Enter the following command into the command prompt:
    jackd -d portaudio -l (lower case L)
    Now all detected soundcard drivers are shown. Search fot the ASIO driver for your soundcard.
    Jack Portaudio

    The Parameter -p followed by a numerica value is used to set the size of the audio buffer (in samples). Start by using 256; increase the value in 128 steps if you hear clicks and pops.

  9. Click OK to close the Properties dialog.
  10. Goto the Windows desktop and launch the Jack PortAudio shortcut. A new command prompt is opened the the Jack Audio Server is started. Now all audio applications can use the JackRouter driver and its virtual ports.

Leave the command window open as long as you use Jack. To quit JackRouter, switch t the command window and press Ctrl+C.


Step 2: Configuring the Input Routing and Output Routing in Traktor

In this step you will setup the Input Routing and Output Routing in Traktor.

  1. Launch Traktor and open Preferences/Audio Setup.
  2. Open list Audio Device and select Jack Router.
    Traktor Audio Setup

  3. Open the Output Routing panel and configure the routing as shown in the following figure. The Master signal is sent via Jack Router to Group A of Maschine and from there back to the outputs 1/2 of Kontrol S4. The Monitor signal is routed via Jack Router and will be sent directly to the outputs 3/4 of Kontrol S4.
    Traktor Output Routing

  4. Open the Input Routing panel sand configure Input Deck D as shown in the following
    figure. This step is necessary to route the output of Maschine groups B-H as live input
    into deck D.
    Traktor Input Routing

  5. Open the Decks panel and set the Deck Flavor of Deck D to Live Input.
    Traktor Deck Flavor

  6. Close the Preferences dialog, keep Traktor running and continue with step 4.

Step 3: Configuring the Input Routing and Output Routing in Maschine

  1. Launch Maschine and choose File/Audio and MIDI Settings.
  2. Open the Audio tab and select Jack Router in list Device.
    Maschine, Audio Setup

  3. Switch to the Routing/Inputs tab. The assignment between the four external inputs and the virtual Jack channels should look as shown in the following figure:
    Maschine, Audio Inputs

  4. Switch to the Routing/Outputs tab. The assignment between the first two outputs and the virtual Jack channels should look as shown in the following figure:
    Maschine, Audio Outputs

  5. Close the Audio and MIDI Settings dialog.
  6. Load the Maschine project file TraktorMaschineKS4.mprj (see Downloads).

This Maschine project file contains the following settings:

The last step for the audio routing is connecting the virtual and physical ports.


Step 4: Creating the Connections in Jack

Now you need to configure the connections between the virtual ports of Jack OS X and some connections to the ports of Traktor Kontrol S4.

  1. Open the start menu and search for Jack Control. Right-click the icon of Jack Control and choose Send to/Desktop (Create shortcut).
  2. Goto your Windows Desktop, search for the icon of Jack Control, and double-click it to launch Jack Control.
    Jack Control

  3. Click on Patchbay.
  4. Click in the Patchbay dialog on Load, and select the file PatchBayKS4Maschine.xml, which is in the ZIP file you can download for this workshop (see Downloads).
    This file contains all connections that are needed for our example setup. Once the file is loaded the esstablished connectiond are visible.

You can setup all required connections manually as well. To do this click Connect in window Jack Control to open the Connections dialog. Click on one of the nodes in list Readable Clients/Output Ports (for example Traktor) and then select the port you want to connect. Then go to list Writable Clients/Output Ports (for example Maschine), select the target port, and click Connect.



Send PortReceive PortDescription
Traktor Out 1/2Maschine In 1/2Traktor Master Out to Maschine Group A
Traktor Out 3/4System Playback 3/4Traktor Monitor Out to Output 3/4
of Kontrol S4
Maschine Out 1/2System Playback 1/2Master Signal to Output 1/2 of Kontrol S4
Maschine Out 3/4Traktor In 1/2Audio from Maschine Groups B-H as Live Input
into Traktor, Deck D



Step 5: Send MIDI Clock from Traktor to Maschine

To get the Maschine sounds tempo synced to the tempo of Traktor, you need to create a MIDI clock connection between the two applications.

Part 5: MIDI Synchronisation of Traktor and Maschine shows how to proceed.

This ends part 2 of this workshop series, have fun with the advanced routing and all the new possibilities you have with this setup.

Authors: Jens Krzikalla/Rainer G. Haselier
Published: August 17, 2011



wrote on September 5, 2011 at 5:50 PM
my pc see only the driver of the onboard soundcard and asio4all and not my s4 soundcard.. Why? can you help me? should i uninstall asio4all?

thank you so much
wrote on September 12, 2011 at 5:55 PM
This does look promising. I'll keep cmoing back for more.
wrote on September 26, 2011 at 4:58 AM
hi, so i setup everything as written above, everything works ..I see the sound volume indicators lightning, but no sound comes out of my s4.
wrote on September 26, 2011 at 7:25 PM

Wie muss ich vorgehen bei einem xone 4d und maschine??
genauer gesagt wie muss ich es dan bei traktor einstellen ,wegen dem jack router?
wrote on October 30, 2011 at 12:30 AM
I admire your point of view. I have bookmarked your site so I can return!
wrote on January 4, 2012 at 11:34 PM
is that work with vista aswell?
wrote on January 17, 2012 at 11:56 AM
I´ve got a problem with starting the jackrouter.

Everytime I start he jackrouter, the commmand-window opens and it constantly says: "AvSetMmThreadCharacteristics error : 1552" rolls down as long as the window is open!

I did not find anything on google. Tried asio4all 2.10 and 2.09 but it´s always the same error.

Does anyone have an idea, what to do?
wrote on January 26, 2012 at 7:47 AM
Hallo Rainer,
super Tutorial... Danke.

Gibt es eine einfache Lösung den MASCHINE-Output in den S4-Input von Deck oder D zu routen? Kann man den Jack-Router dafür benutzen...? Ich möchte die FX und die Lautstärke der MASCHINE über den S4 regeln.

Gareth ED3N
wrote on January 30, 2012 at 11:32 PM
will this setup work with a 2 channel midi controller[numark mixtrack pro]. or only on the 4channel controllers like the S4 etc..if not,i have a NI audio 4 as well,how could i get my mixtrack pro[2channel controller,with built in sound card],audio 4, and Maschine to work together?
many thanks
wrote on February 2, 2012 at 2:35 PM

Hallo Rainer,
mein Jack vergisst ständig die gespeicherten Verbindungseinstellungen... Ich lade die xml-Datei und trotzdem "strickt" es sich einfach seine Verbindungen zusammen... Hilfe...

wrote on March 15, 2012 at 7:41 PM
would this also work for syncing the s2, x1 and maschine together?
wrote on May 20, 2012 at 4:26 PM
Hat jemand ne antwort für 2-kanal kontroller? ich hab ein TKS2 und Maschine. Ich hab's ausprobiert und es funktioniert nicht. Ist es überhaupt möglich und probier ich es umsonst?
wrote on July 17, 2012 at 5:33 AM
This is probably a dumb question but i routed and synced everything perfectly I'm pretty sure but now I am trying to run the output signal to two M-Audio BX5's from the Main out 1 and 2 plugs. I am only getting audio out of the right speaker. Am I limited to one speaker or did I mess something up in the routing. Thanks in advance.
wrote on July 29, 2012 at 3:26 PM
echt ne klasse seite !!! und super tuts hier. wollte fragen wie ich maschine und ein dj controller zumb pioneer ergo gleichzeitig nutzen kann in traktor ?
bitte um rat

wrote on July 30, 2012 at 1:11 AM
hello, trying to follow this tutorial, but my Pioneer DDJ-T1 ASIO is not detected by Jack.
this driver is well detected by traktor and maschine.
an idea of the problem? pioneer asio perhaps not compatible with jack?

if this is a compatibility problem, i have in mind to purchase a Komplete Audio 6 Sound card, do you know if the Native Instruments driver is compatible with Jack?

thx for your help.
wrote on August 27, 2012 at 11:49 AM
ok, found my problem.
i've installed Jack 1.9.8 32/64bits on a 64 bits computer.
but Jack 64 bits doesn't recognize ASIO drivers.
So, installed Jack 1.9.8 32bits (only) and all work like a charm.

thank you for this great tutorial !!!
wrote on January 15, 2013 at 7:14 PM
Frage: Wie kann ich zusätzlich ein Mikrofon in Traktor UND als Maschine Input routen? Würde gerne "The Mouth" nutzen.

Question: How can I rout additionaly a microphone into Traktor and a Maschine input? I wand to use "The Mouth"
wrote on June 23, 2014 at 12:43 AM
wrote on June 23, 2014 at 12:44 AM
wrote on July 17, 2014 at 4:19 PM


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