Mapping(s) for Livid Instruments, BASE



BASE two remix deck [C and D]
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This template pre-maps the unit in to two sections of decks and third and
main section which are eight function buttons in the side.

Side function buttons:

1). Trigger mode:
2). Slot functions
Transport vs. play/trigger type switches - trigger any sample to assign
and use this mode to change play mode and trigger type for each slot.
4). Slot load
5). Slot delete
Pro - Version 2.6.xDownloads: 1898
2 decks, 2 FX units
Author: vstiDate: 12-15-2013
Livid Base Remix Deck mapping
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Mapping features content:

1. Remix Deck Focus - a possibility to control any of four Traktor decks as a remix deck.
2. Load any cell from list, delete and reverse slot.
3. Load from any deck or the Loop Recorder to any Remix deck and cell.
4. All basic transport controls.
5. Cell play mode and trigger type modifiers.
6. Loop Recorder controls with a beat position indication.
Pro - Version 2.6.xDownloads: 2464
4 decks, no FX units
Author: vstiDate: 8-25-2013
Livid BASE 4 track deck mapping
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-Double Deck Focus
-Transport control (cue,play,band,sync,loop,flux,key,deck master,deck flavor,loop size,beatjump +more)
-Full LED feedback
Pro - Version 2.6.xDownloads: 2348
4 decks, no FX units
Author: vstiDate: 8-19-2013

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