Novation Launchpad (MK2) - Step Sequencer

Step sequencer mapping over 2 Remix Decks (C & D)

This is an updated mapping for the Lauchpad MK2, most of the credits go to Gregwaah (DJTechTools)

I fixed a few things that were buzzing me, so I'm sharing this updated mapping:
  • Fixed midi note layout for the MK2 version
  • Changed colors and visual display of the steps
  • Fixed a few bugs
For a user guide, here's a copy/paster of the initial mapping instructions :

This is my attempt at mapping the Step Sequencer with the Novation Launchpad (requires Traktor Pro 2.11.0). I have now mapped two decks (Decks C and D) for now, so that people can at least get a feel for this great new feature. I will add the ability to control any of the decks, with the step sequencer, at a later date.

UPDATE: A small update and a tidying up of the mapping. If you press play from the Launchpad, the step sequencer will now show you the step cycle. I have also changed how the Play/ Pause button works, as it will now work properly, playing and pausing. The counter will reset upon pressing Play again. This was due to me experimenting with Beat Sync instead of Tempo Sync. I think it works best with the step sequencer.

I have used the Launchpad S to create this mapping but you will be fine using the original Launchpad and the Mini version too. I'm unsure about the MKII and Pro versions.

Below are instructions on how to use this mapping:

Up Arrow: Sample Page Selector Up 

Down Arrow: Sample Page Selector Down 

3rd Arrow Pad (Left): Deck Selector (Yellow:C Red:D) 

Novation - Launchpad
Pro, Pro S4 - Version 2.10Downloads: 2437
2 decks, 2 FX units
Author: JohanLDate: 8-26-2017

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