Quad step sequencer

I created this on a behringer TC64 on Launchpad compatibility mode, so hopefully it works with that as well.  I only set it up for Deck C.
The sequencers are set up on square pads 1-16, 17-32, 33-48, 49-64.
The right arrow on the top will play/pause the deck.
The session button turns the sequencer on/off.

Holding user 1 lets you set the number of steps for each sequencer (ex. square 1 sets sequencer 1 to have 1 step, square 32 sets sequencer 2 to have 16 steps, etc)

Holding user 2 lets you set the sample for the sequencer (ex. square 2 sets sequencer 1 to use sample 2, square 17 sets sequencer 2 to use sample 1)

The top 4 round buttons on the right side select the sample page

If you've got a Novation Launchpad and this doesn't work right, then sorry for wasting your time, but let me know so I can re-upload it for only the Behringer TC64.
Novation - Launchpad
Pro S4 - Version 2.10Downloads: 2057
2 decks, no FX units
Author: spankistDate: 9-23-2017

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