Behringer CMD DV-1 CUSTOM mapping for Traktor (Controlling A, B deck + some FX)

Custom CMD-DV1 mapping for controlling 2 deck.
The effect section is very specific, specified for MY Use. 
If you want, you can see this controller (And X1,F1,Z1) & custom mappings in use on my mixes:
The CMD Control's two FX Units (2&4), but need to set traktor to 4 fx unit mode. (Every fx is Single - not grouped.)
I have a custom traktor X1 mapping too, if someone interested with that. (Controls Remix Deck C, and the other Effects ( Fx unit 1,2,3,4) , so fully mapped / developed for effecting.)
If you have a question, write me.
Behringer - CMD DVS-1
Scratch Duo, Pro - Version 2.10Downloads: 652
2 decks, 2 FX units
Author: DavidBDate: 5-26-2020




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