STEM mixing settings for S2 MK3 and X1 MK1

- Changed mapping so that stem mixing is possible
- Changed mappings in X1 to lost functionalities of S2 because of stem mappings

Mapping changes on S2 MK3:

Deck A

- knob FX volume mapped to stem volume other

- knob LOW volume mapped to stem volume bass

- knob MID volume mapped to stem volume drum

- knob HIGH volume mapped to stem volume vocals

Deck B

- same as Deck A but for Deck B


Mapping changes on X1 MK1

refer to mapping.txt in .zip file

Native Instruments - Kontrol S2
Pro - Version 3.0xDownloads: 847
2 decks, 2 FX units
Author: Long_GuardDate: 2-1-2021




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