Full 4 Deck Control for Traktor Pro w/ Korg NanoKontrol

This midi mapping allows

full mixer with filter, EQ, and tempo control
all 4 decks can be used (A/B/C/D)
control over 6 effects
cue points 1-8
browsing and loading tracks
no need for mouse or keyboard (unless doing a search)

Most of this is possible because of the 3 modifiers that I included
In my setup I made it so that the left is channel A, the right is channel B, and the middle is the "mixer". Ive made a diagram because explaining all of it in text would be tedious to write and hard to understand.

One thing that isn't in the diagram is what the modifers do:

The first one (red record button) opens up the secondary features of many buttons for things that aren't as often needed such as:
(these work while the record button is held)

Change Effects = all of equilizer faders (bass,mid,hi deck)
/2 BPM - effect button 1 (deck A) / effect button 8 (deck B)
x2 BPM - effect button 2 (deck A) / effect button 9 (deck B)
scroll thru track - volume faders A/B
Cue Pts 5-8 - Cue Pts 1-4
Deck Select - Sync A/B

The next modifier is the "loop increase" button (above the rec. button)
It makes the A/B configuration turn into C/D when it is held. Every mixer/cue/effect button still works but for the C/D including the rec. button modifiers and loading buttons (explained next)

Finally the "loop decrease" button makes it possible to see a full screen track browser and allows you to load tracks.

The controls are as follows when holding this button:

knob 1 scrolls through favorites
knob 2 scrolls through selected folder's tracks
load track in A - filter kill A
load track in B - filter kill B
load track in C - filter kill A PLUS "loop inc."
load track in D - filter kill B PLUS "loop inc."

here is a link to my kontrol editor file:
Korg - nanoKONTROL
Pro - Version 1.2.4Downloads: 5318
4 decks, 2 FX units
Author: alan09Date: 1-23-2011

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djimho wrote on May 7, 2011 at 21:38
here is a link to my kontrol editor file: http://s000.tinyupload.com/download....34243183084528 where? Don't work!
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dix wrote on May 30, 2012 at 23:55


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