Mix Architekt's Xone DB4 midi map for 4 decks of Traktor Pro

4 Decks of control with the DB4 makes for a very functional solution...
UPDATED 07.02.11 v1.3

Just added in a Hot Cue mode and Master BPM Pitch Bend!

Using the MIDI SHIFT function of the Xone DB4, we've created 2 layers of control for transport, loop, move, and cue functions of 4 decks; library browsing of playlists and folders; and Master BPM control.

This map uses the same CABD/1234 layout as all of my others - which puts the decks that are on the left side of Traktor on the left side of the DB4, and same for the right side elements. Another way of looking at it is that Decks 1&2, which are at the top of Traktor - are in the centre of the mixer, and the bottom decks - 3&4 - are on the outside.

The functions covered for each deck are:

Play|Pause/Cue, Prev/Next Cue, Loop Size/Set, Deck Load
Sync, Move Size, Move Mode, < > Move, < > Pitch Bend, Key Lock
Hot Cue Mode

General functions are:
Browser Only Toggle, List Scroll, File Tree Scroll, Folder Open/Close, Master BPM, Master BPM Pitch Bend

The rest of the details are best to discover through the PDF with images and labels.

More details and chaos via www.mixarchitekt.com

All the best to Rainer and Karlos!

Sawadee Khrap!

Allen & Heath - Xone:DB4
Pro - Version 1.2.6/1.2.7Downloads: 3640
4 decks, no FX units
Author: mixarchitektDate: 2-7-2011




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Rainer G. Haselier wrote on February 16, 2011 at 18:14
All the best to Tim and thanks for sharing your mapping! Rainer


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