Denon DN-HC1000S - 2 Deck-Control for Beginners (DJ COM.petence)

Main Features:

* 2-Deck-Control
* 3 Hotcues / Deck
* Pitch & Tempo-Control
* Loop-Features (Size / Loop Roll / Auto Loop)
* Search through Track (slow/fast)
* Sync-Button
* Tree Navigation (Up/Down, EXP/COL)
* List Navigation (Up/Down, Page Up/Down)
* Multiple Track Selection
* Append selected to Preparation List
* Switch to History / Preparation
* Return-To-Start-Button
This is an easy Traktor Mapping if you want to use the Denon DN-HC1000S to control the main features in Traktor (all Versions from 1.2.7 up) without Timecode-Control.

What can you do with this Mapping:
- browse in your Tree section (ROTATE: Up/Down, PUSH: Expand/Collapse)
- browse in your List section (ROTATE: Up/Down, PUSH: Switch to Expand multiple file select)
- append selected files to preparation list
- load files into Deck A / Deck B
- switch between Favorite 1 / Favorite 2 (History Button)
- use PLAY/PAUSE, CUE and CUE PLAY buttons
- increase/decrease the track tempo
- use Jog Scratch & Tempo Bend for small speed corrections
- jump through the track (slow/fast)
- LOOP-IN and LOOP-OUT whenever you want
- move an active loop (although you can choose how much you want to move)
- start/stop an Auto-Loop with 4 beats
- use 3 Hotcue-Buttons (you can create and delete Hotcues and Loops)
- use the SYNC-Button

How to install:
1.) Set the Denon DN-HC1000S to Midi-Channel 1 (Shift + Files)
2.) Import the .tsi-File into Traktor (Preferences > Controller Manager > Add... > Import)
3.) Set the In-Port and Out-Port to your DN-HC1000S

Mapping details can be found in the ZIP-File.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate and use the comment form, i will try to help!

DJ COM.petence

The ZIP-File contains 2 files:
- TSP-1.2.7-Denon-DN-HC1000S-for-beginners-2011-02-20.tsi
- TSP-1.2.7-Denon-DN-HC1000S-Screenshot-Key-Assignment.jpg
Denon - DN-HC1000S
Duo, Scratch Duo, Pro, Scratch Pro - Version 1.2.6/1.2.7Downloads: 3956
2 decks, no FX units
Author: DJ COM.petenceDate: 2-21-2011

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1 comment

msahansra wrote on November 14, 2013 at 18:06
Is there a way to set the dials to control the volume? How hard would it be to map that
 DJ COM.petence replies
Mapping is easy - What do you mean with "the dials"?


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