TSP2 - 4 Deck - Maschine - Custom Mapping (Updated June 11, 2011)

This is my personal 4 Deck Mapping.
I use the Maschine while my partner Spins with the Kontrol S4.
This is not meant to give you 100% Control of Traktor. Only as
an intuitive mapping to use in coordination with another Controller.

However: this could be used as a sole Control for Traktor.
If you have any questions, find any bugs, or have ideas to improve this mapping
please feel free to contact me via E-Mail:

**********Maschine Traktor Scratch Pro 2 Custom Mapping********
***********************-By Travis Payne******************************
Included in package:
Read Me.txt
TSP2-Maschine.tsi (Traktor Mapping File)
TSP2-Maschine.ncc (NI Controller Editor File)

-Open TSP2-Maschine.ncc (NI Controller Editor File) in your Controller
Editor, so Maschine knows what type of MIDI signals to send, as well
as giving yourself a Visual Diagram of the Mapping.

-Import TSP2-Maschine.tsi (Traktor Mapping File) into your Traktor Scratch
Pro 2 Controller Manager (in the options menu).

The groups A/B/C/D will change pages to allow for the 1-16 pads to control the respective deck (whichever group light is lit). But the Global Controls will only control whichever deck is in focus. Use the Top A B C D buttons to select which deck is in focus.

Scene, Pattern, Pad Mode, Navigate, Duplicate, Select, and Solo are all Golbal
Hotcue Buttons. Whatever Deck is in Focus Hotcue 1-7 are controlled by these.

Shift Functions Are As Follows:

Mute = Modifier 1 (Shift)

Shift + Hotcue = Delete Hotcue


Shift + Load A (on Mixer/Broswer Page) = Load Track in Deck A
Shift + Load B (on Mixer/Broswer Page) = Load Track in Deck B
Shift + Load C (on Mixer/Broswer Page) = Load Track in Deck C
Shift + Load D (on Mixer/Broswer Page) = Load Track in Deck D

Top Left : Browser Button = Modifier 2 (M2)
-When Browser is pressed, your page goes to an Expanded
Track Browser Mode. But M2 is also enabled M2=1. So, as long as
you are in Expanded Browser Mode, M2=1.

While in Expanded Browser Mode M2=1;

|| Load A || Load B || Load C || Load D ||
Will function as Load Buttons for their respective decks.

|| PG-UP || PG-Down || Up || Down ||
Will Function as Navigation for the Track Browser.
While not in Expanded Browser Mode M2=0;

|| Load A || = Filter Enable (Deck A)
|| Load B || = Low Kill On/Off (Deck A)
|| Load C || = Mid Kill On/Off (Deck A)
|| Load D || = Hi Kill On/Off (Deck A)

|| PG-UP || = Hi Kill On/Off (Deck B)
|| PG-Down || = Mid Kill On/Off (Deck B)
|| UP || = Low Kill On/Off (Deck B)
|| Down || = Filter Enable (Deck B)


Effects : Scroll = Modifier 3 (M3)
-When Enabled (M3=1);

fx 1 = Scrolling Knob to Select Chained Effect (1)
fx 2 = Scrolling Knob to Select Chained Effect (2)
fx 3 = Scrolling Knob to Select Chained Effect (3)

P3/Scroll = Scrolling Knob to Select FX 2 Single Effect
Native Instruments - Maschine
Scratch Pro - Version 2.0.0 - 2.0.3Downloads: 4350
4 decks, 2 FX units
Author: tpayne84Date: 6-11-2011

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cjoibonu wrote on October 20, 2011 at 10:24
The second pad page (Mixer/Browser) is assigned to group A. You need to reassign it to group/deck B. Thanks for the template!
cjoibonu wrote on October 20, 2011 at 10:27
sorry my bad.. ignore that!


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