VSTI TEEJAY's bcd3000 advenced mapping Traktor Scratch Pro 2.0.1

4 deck, 4 fx unit, super combinations of effects for single pots/buttons, 4 deck hotcues, C and D samples are at keyboard, monitor cues are f9,f10,f11,f12 (a,b,c,d). Hope you'r love it as much as I do!!
This mapping contains all 8 modifier states placed at "EQ kill" buttons (1-6) and "reloop" buttons (7 and 8).
First of all "crossfader", "play and cue", "sync and scratch" and "key deck A+B" buttons are not in any modifier states and they are controlling play, sync and key options for all decks. If you'r importing this mapping for the first time, be sure to import it twice from big "IMPORT" button to make all settings fork as it should.


There are some updates to mapping:
1. Added modifier for fx units bank mode. One click for easy changing units.
2. Fader FXes inverted and DRAMA moved from "phones mix" knob to right fader.
3. Four JPEGs that explain all are now updated to download with mapping.
4. Direction of jog wheel for decks C and D inverted-fixed.

Behringer - BCD 3000
Scratch Pro - Version 2.1.xDownloads: 11789
4 decks, 4 FX units
Author: vstiDate: 3-25-2012

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vsti wrote on November 18, 2011 at 01:41
Hi all! Right now I'm working on my new Traktor Pro 2 mapping BCD3000 (2 deck, 4 fx units)for controllerism and dj-ing both. It will be released when I get some feedback on this mapping because I'm wondering how's this one doing the job for you. Please ra


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