iPad / TouchOSC Mapping - "Mashy" v2

Unique controller that's fun to use!

Features 5 performance modes (Play / FX, Hotcue, Sample Decks, Loops, Beatmash / Slice), controllable via 5 large buttons for each deck, much like the Novation Dicer. Plus simultaneous access to Loop Recorder and 4 FX banks, making it easy to apply effects while Hotcue juggling, beatmashing, etc. Features full control over browser & markers too.
Inspired by MIDI controllers such as MIDI Fighter and Dicer, Mashy 2 is a two deck (+ two sample decks) controller for Traktor Pro 2. It has been designed specifically to make beat juggling and mashup effects on the iPad easy and intuitive. It’s powerful too in terms of effects, having lots of FX banks to choose from as well as having complete control over each parameter. It’s very easy to apply effects while cuepoint juggling / beatmashing. You also have complete control over the Loop Recorder as well as the new Sample Decks. You can assign, play, trigger, mute and loop samples, as well as having full control over individual volumes and filters. All of this is from the one screen too, meaning less time flicking from page to page.

In short, you have just a few large buttons to control a massive range of functions in Traktor, dependant on the Performance Mode you’ve selected.

Performance Modes

Commonly used mashup tools, such as hotcue buttons and beatmash / beatslice buttons are available by selecting from one of five Performance Modes. The five large pads will trigger various functions and effects depending on which mode you’re in. Holding down Shift and pressing the pads will open up even more functions and effects.

  • Hotcue Mode: Select & Store Hotcues, Delete Hotcues

  • Loop Mode: Instantly apply loops of all sizes

  • Mash / Slice Mode: Apply 5 different Mash effects & 5 different Slice patterns

  • Play / FX Mode: Play, Cue, Beatjuggle + / - half a beat, Spinback & Echo (Freeze Delay)

  • Sample Deck Mode - Assign samples from Loop Recorder or loop currently playing in a deck, mute / unmute, loop / one-shot, play & trigger samples. Plus full control of volume, filter and FX for each sample slot.

FX Banks

There are 4 FX Banks to choose from. Each features the Beatmasher plus two other effects:

  • FX Bank 1 – Beatmasher, Gater, Reverb

  • FX Bank 2 – Beatmasher, Filter LFO, Ring Modulator

  • FX Bank 3 – Beatmasher, Ramp Delay, Phaser Flux

  • FX Bank 4 – Beatmasher, Digital Lo-Fi, Formant Filter

Large FX trigger buttons and sliders means you have a great deal of control over each of these effects and it’s been designed to make it easy to perform Hotcue Juggling / Beatmashing / Beatslicing performances while applying various other effects that sound good when mashed or sliced.

Use the FX On buttons to choose which deck to apply the effects to (Deck A, Deck B or either of the Sample Decks)

Loop Recorder

From this panel, you can set loop length (indicated by the 4, 8, 16 & 32 LEDs). You can also change the dry / wet amount, as well as record, play and delete samples from whatever’s playing at the time. 

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Apple - iPad
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4 decks, 4 FX units
Author: AndrewNorrisDate: 1-25-2021




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