TSPTutor's Kontrol X1 SD Mapping

New Kontrol X1 mapping with full integration for 2 sample decks, comes with freeze delay and slicer on each deck.... Check this mapping out! Video Here:http://youtu.be/XWheh4vwROQ
both sides of the mapping are identical, and there is also a shift layer,
this mapping also has a slicer and a freeze delay on each sample deck (only 1 can be activated at a time)

anyways, its all here, ive included the following:

-Labeled PDF (anything with * before and after the label means you need to use the shift button)
-.TSI File (Actual Mapping)
-.NCC file (for controller editor) (Just Incase)
-.NCKX1 File (again just in case)

Before installing make sure you activate 4 fx banks,
the fx bank 3 & 4 will need to be single fx banks or else you will have some remapping to do.

To install:
Part 1
-open controller editor
-Navigate to your kontrol X1
-Click "Edit" on template page
-Highlight "Append"
-Click "Open"
-Open the .NCKX1 file

Part 2
-Open Traktor 2
-Open Prefrences
-Click "Traktor Kontrol X1"
-Check box labeled "Enable Midi mode via SHIFT+HOTCUE"
-Next Click on "Controller Manager"
-Under device click "Add"
-Click "Import"
-Navigate to wherever you saved the "TSPTutor Kontrol X1 SD Mapping.Tsi" file
-open file
-Set in-port and out-port to your kontrol x1

if you have any question feel free to email me at TSPTutor.BBP(AT)Gmail.com
or hit me up via twitter @TSPTutor

New video on setting up our TSPTutor Kontrol X1 Sample Deck Mapping with your Kontrol X1... http://youtu.be/XWheh4vwROQ
Native Instruments - Kontrol X1
Pro, Scratch Pro, Pro S4 - Version 2.0.3Downloads: 7013
2 decks, 4 FX units
Author: LouieV.BBpDate: 1-18-2012

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LouieV.BBp wrote on August 12, 2011 at 23:52
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