CDJ-400 hotcues and Effect control

Custom mapping for 2 CDJ-400's -includes hotcues and effect control
This mapping is based off of the default CDJ-400 Mapping included in Traktor. I have added hot cues 1-4 on the bubble,trans,wah and HOLD buttons. Call Button is a shift button. When holding Call/Shift the bubble,Trans and Wah buttons active the group FX on and off. While holding the shift button, you can also increase or decrease the effect amount while holding shift and rotating the selection knob. Other small changes include, Direction Activates/deactivates sync. text mode/utility mode works the same as space bar to show your library larger.
Pioneer - CDJ-400
Duo, Scratch Duo, Pro, Scratch Pro - Version 2.1.xDownloads: 13521
2 decks, 2 FX units
Author: djsins1Date: 1-23-2012

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