Beatgridding with the Keyboard

This little mapping helps to get your tracks gridded and prepared while on the road. All actions can be performed with the keyboard. The ZIP file for this mapping contains the tsi file and a PDF with an overview of the shortcuts.
Install this mapping next to other keyboard mappings you may use. Follow the steps explained here to get the mapping into the Traktor controller manager:
Do not use the Import button at the lower left of the controller manager as this will overwrite all existing keyboard mappings.

You can easily switch between the beatgridding mapping and any other keyboard mappings:

  • Open the list Device and select the mapping you want to disable or enable

  • Once the mapping is selected, set the In-Port to None if you wish to disable the mapping. Set the In-Port to Keyboad if you wish to enable the mapping.

  • You want to make sure that only one keyboard mapping is enabled at a time to avoid conflicts caused by different commands mapped to the same key.

- PC Keyboard, PC-Tastatur
Duo, Scratch Duo, Pro, Scratch Pro - Version 2.0.3Downloads: 5625
2 decks, no FX units
Author: Rainer G. HaselierDate: 2-7-2012




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naysiploos wrote on February 7, 2012 at 09:52
this mapping is about deck a?
 Rainer G. Haselier replies
This mapping is for the deck that has the focus.
mraybar wrote on February 8, 2012 at 14:22
Hi, is this for PC only???
 Rainer G. Haselier replies
Nope, works for Mac too.


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