Double deck focus for BCD3000 by vsti

Three band EQ's with mute, loop move In or Out, seek position, hotcues 1-4, Shift delete. Four FX. Loop recorder with beat position. Browsing with jog wheels. FULL LED FEEDBACK.
Hi folks,

Most of 4 deck mappings are limited in layouts of deck controlling. For example kontrol S4 has A-C and B-D switches just like many other controllers (you name it). Point is. What if you want to use decks A and C at the same time, or maybe B and D? I got an idea. We can use deck Focus at one side of controller and what I call it "Hocus Focus" created out of modifiers on the other side. So, this way any of 4 decks can be selected and controlled from both sides. This is where shift buttons comes to act. While Shift is hold /FX on/ buttons at effect control section will lite to indicate which deck is selected (every time you press it)) and while holding, move jog wheel at the same side to select any of 4 decks just like Ean's changing FX presets on DJTT S2 mapping video. After selecting deck, when you release Shift BANG /FX on/ button's LED's will jump back where it was before pressing any of both Shifts.

FX units 1&2-group ; 3&4-single (no changing):
Like you can see in the pic there are four unit banks in this mapping that are easily changeable with single press. You can change effects by holding Shift and turn corresponding knob for FX slot you vant to select. For units #3 and #4 hold shift and move dry/wet knob. Now, this is a crazy part... when disengage FX unit banks you turn FX control section in to a loop recorder.

Loop recorder:
I've mapped two buttons for /Rec/ and /Play/ (see the pic) but with shift you can delete or undo/redo your recording by pressing those same buttons. While loop is on play you'll see beat position on 4 button LED's, knob(1) is dry/wet and knob(4) set loop size (soft takeover both). Cool part is that when you hold any of shifts LED's will jump to focus deck selection same as FX banks mode. Hit any of unit banks and there you are out of loop recorder, simple as that.

Browser mod (toggle):
If you are using my previous 4 deck BCD3000 mapping then you'll know this one very well. When browser button is press modifier turns jog wheels, Shift and loop buttons in to browsing options. Picture explains all, it's very simple :)

Loop In/Out move (left focus decks):
By holding ether /in/ or /out/ button and move jog wheel you can manipulate with loop like in CDJ style. The moment when any of this two buttons are hold all three /EQ kill/ buttons on that side will flash with the beat.

Very Important:
To make double deck focus work perfect I had to sacrifice one button's LED output. Thing is, let's say I'm in group FX #1 or #2 bank and I hold Shift to indicate and select deck A in ether focuses. And, when release Shift first button that indicates deck A will stay on because there is no MIDI command for first button in group FX add in/out, so I needed somehow to trick traktor switch it off when I'm back to units when leave deck focus indication. That's why I took one LED output from single fx unit #2 which is always off and set same modifier as that FX unit bank's condition. Conclusio is, NEVER CHANGE FX unit #2 to single mode or Double focus will every time you select deck A in focus leave that first button's LED on.

Make sure to import it twice from big import button and if something is not clear or you got some questions leave your comment.

Edit: List up/down on right jog wheel fixed.

Thanks for downloading!

Behringer - BCD 3000
Pro - Version 2.1.xDownloads: 13247
4 decks, 4 FX units
Author: vstiDate: 5-5-2012

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fbbpoa wrote on January 25, 2013 at 00:59
Hey buddy! I really liked your template, I used it for some days, but I don't know if the problem is just with me or your update are wrong, but some buttons are not working anymore like the load button
vsti wrote on February 24, 2013 at 00:39
@fbbpoa - I did a quick check today and loading is working. Download fresh copy and import it again.


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