Minimal Technique Maschine 4 Traktor

- Track Preparation Mode
- HotCues for all Decks
- Loop Recorder
- Kill Switches
- Audio Recorder
- Preview Player
Fellas, I wanna share my 1st mapping with you. It's a little mapping
for get familiar with Traktor. I started 3 days ago and spent around 3
hours a day. It's not done yet, but it's a milestone and ready for
testing. I was inspired by Ean's Track Prep Tool, so that was also my
main focus.

What's included?

- Track Preparation Mode (no keyboard or mouse needed at all)

- Macro: Analyze Tracks and append to Preparation List

- Switch View to Preparation List (your prepList should be Favorite 1 or you can change it in the controller Manager)

- 8 Hotcues for every Deck

- Preview Player

- Kill Switches for every Deck (Lows, Mids, Highs)

- Macro: Kill Switches for all Decks at once (Lows, Mids, Highs)

- "mute" and "sampling" buttons work as "shift" button for easy handling

- Loop Recorder + Copy Loops to RMX Decks 3 and/or 4

- Audio Recorder

- Comment for every mapped function, macros in perfect order to understand (sort column by comments)

The ideal workflow for track preparation mode (remember: "mute" = shift)

- turn on track preparation mode (note repeat button)

- use your controller to browse to a folder with tracks you wanna prepare

- hit "select" = tracks will be analyzed (don't use auto grid) and moved to preparation list

- hit "scene" to switch to preparation list (again, preparation list
should be your favorite folder #1, otherwise change in controller

- hit shift + "erase" to load track

- use "Volume" Knob to zoom into waveform

- use your jogwheel to scrub forward to first downbeat

- hit "grid" to set grid marker

- hit "restart" to set a 4 bar loop"

- hit "play" to set master clock to tracks bpm and turn on tick (use shift + play to turn tick on/off manually)

- adjust phase with "<" and ">" buttons, use shift + "<" and ">" to adjust bpm

- use shift + "erase" for beatjump +32, shift + "rec" for beatjump -32

- when your grid sits perfekt hit shift + grid to add a load marker on first downbeat

- hit hotcue A 1 (pad 13) to remap loadmarker to hotcue 1

- hit shift + erase to load next track (when loading next track, bpm get locked... when loading prev track bpm get unlocked)

Using Hotcues:

- Hit pads to store hotcues

- Hit shift + pad to delete hotcue

- Shift + Hotcue 1 does nothing to prevent load markers from beeing deleted by accident.

What's missing?

I will add feature request and suggestions for improment here

- Unload RMX Deck Slots

Known Bugs

Here I will list bugs

- Loop Recorder: Load Loop to RMX Deck C Slot 1: Loop goes to Slot 3

- BPM locking and unlocking doesn't work (for some users)

I hope you guys enjoy this. Your feedback is appreciated!!! Have fun!
Native Instruments - Maschine
Pro - Version 2.5Downloads: 2967
4 decks, no FX units
Author: Minimal TechniqueDate: 8-15-2012

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