Tekken's F1 Ultimate FX Mapping

Highlighted pads trigger effects

2 pages of effects

All of the DJ TechTools Instant Gratification effects
Change effect amount by turning push encoder
4 deck support
A lot of special effects
A lot of other Features

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Highlighted pads trigger effects

2 pages of effects

All of the original Instant Gratification effects (incl. transpose combo)
Change effect amount by turning push encoder
4 deck support
Improved beatmasher line

Army'of me's Drama Sweap effect
White Noise effect
Turntable Stop
Reverse Play
Makro effects
Richie Hawtin effect (Tape Delay)
Color support

LED display support
Hold funktion
Volume + Filter control for Remix Decks
Move Loop-In point
Toggle Flux Mode


1. Load the
.nckf1 file into the Native Instruments controller editor (not the controller
editor in Traktor): Open the editor and choose your F1. Then click “edit” on
the right side and append the .nckf1 file.

2. Backup
your own Traktor controller mappings (if necessary), because they will be
overwritten in the next step.

3. Load the
.tsi file into the Traktor controller editor (not the Native Instruments
controller editor) with the big “Import” button in the preferences. It is important to load the .tsi file twice
into Traktor.
Five new midi mappings should be in the Traktor controller
editor (in the preferences under “Device”). Click each of the new mappings and set
the “In-Port” and “Out-Port” to your Kontrol F1.

4. In the
Traktor preferences, in the “Traktor Kontrol F1” tab, switch the “MIDI Mode Type”
to “MIDI Mode”.

5. Restore
your own controller mappings from step 2 (if necessary).



You can
toggle between the F1 default mapping and my Midi Mapping by pressing “Shift” +
“Browse” simultaneously.

Switching pages:
You can toggle between two pages of effects with the “Shift”
button. The number of the page is shown by the display.

“Sync” button:
Press the “Sync” button always when it
is blinking!
Otherwise most effects can’t be started. It is blinking after
starting Traktor or switching pages. (The “Sync” button loads all the effects
of the page so that they are ready to fire).

You can also use this button in case of a failure in the mapping to reset modifiers
and switch all effects off.

Deck selection:

Use the four “Mute” buttons of the F1 to select the decks. From left to right
button: Deck C A B D. You can use the effects on all four decks simultaneously
if you want. After installing the
mapping the first time
you should press each of the 4 buttons at least once
to synchronize the mapping with your Traktor.

Each highlighted
pad is for a specific effect. Some effects starts with a toggle and some effect
buttons have to be hold. You can change the amounts of some effects by turning
the push encoder while holding the effect button. Some effects have to be built
up with the push encoder. Some effects can’t be combined with each other.

Note that the Traktor Effect Unit 1 is unused in this mapping. You can use Unit
1 with another controller if you want.

“Capture” button:
Press the capture
button to let the effects stay on after releasing the effect buttons. When the
capture button is blinking, you are in a kind of “toggle mode” for the effect
buttons. Press the capture button again to disable all effects.

The four knobs are
mapped to control the filters of a remix deck (Just like in the F1 default
mapping). You can select which Remix
Deck you want to control (“Size” button).

Faders and “Type” button:
Press the “Type”
Button to change the function of the four faders. When the type button is not
blinking, you can use the faders to control the loudness of your remix deck,
just like in the default F1

Native Instruments - Kontrol F1
Pro - Version 2.6Downloads: 7911
4 decks, 4 FX units
Author: TekkenDate: 3-27-2013




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