Silas' 4tr CTRL better than A&H ever w/ magic switch AB<>CD


Hello. I'm glad to show you my XONE:4D mapping that I'm using for more than a year... or maybe more? :-)

Why it's unique? Please read bellow...
Everyone has a problem with XONE:4D mapping right? Anything you want to do during gig, you need to use key combos all the time.

No more! This basic template show



* FX N depends on a panel side: 1+3 on a left and 2+4 on right.
Support Advanced and Group Effects
** When Loop is set and active during track playback, then LED pipe for
play indication will blink.
*** Sync only triggers Sync to synchronize Tempo to Master clock.
Sync cannot be enabled/disabled.
**** Use Shift with Pitch(Jog) to "seek" track position - useses Beat Move

Edit it as you wish. An idea is to simply create multi layered controls
with easy access to all functions you need.

------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------
!!!!!! UPDATE: 0702 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------

  • * Added Wavefrom adjust on rotary on top
  • * Tempo Sync + Left Shift = Phase Sync
  • * Tempo Sync + Right Shift = Sync On 
  • * Reset BPM and with Autogrid with Shift
  • * Beat Tap

  • ! Shift + Filter On/Off == On/Off FX1+FX3 Dry Wet Control with Filter knob
------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------

Shifted Object Deposit, SOD
The shift that has been recognised recently in the field of art from
establishing relations between objects towards establishing relations between
subjects is not the result of an overnight turn, as it may seem at first sight


...................... mixsets ................................................
  • Enigmatic as SOD, Shifted Object Deposit, EXPy:
  • The SOD founder Enigmatic Beginning Intro, mix: |
  • Enigmatic=Untitled Guy SOD#003 1min video clip: |
  • David Late, Untitled SOD#003 rave n8... mixset:
  • Conrad SOD#003 rave n8... mixset:
  • Untitled Guy SOD#003 rave n8... mixset: |
  • Untitled Guy SOD#001 rave n8... mixset: |

Facebook: |

Unknown Id or Enigmatic and unnamed SOD founder, also known as
Allen & Heath - Xone:4D
Pro, Scratch Pro - Version 2.5Downloads: 4141
4 decks, 4 FX units
Author: silasmariuszDate: 4-10-2013

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neubreed wrote on May 2, 2013 at 01:50
I'm really impressed with this map .. it's similar to how the Xone:DX is set up. I'm having a problem with loop size. On mine it's not working. I can only activate the loop but can't change the size. Can you help?
Seb wrote on October 11, 2016 at 11:47
Hey So my english isn't the best so i try to explain my problem :D I've got some troubles with the Sync option , or i didn't understand it right :D So let me explain you my Situation: I'm playing normal on 4 Decks , Synchronize them with LEFT SHIFT &


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