Scratch pro 2.6.1 with Rmx Deck control

Controls Decks A,B and remix deck C

Hi Guys.

this is the update to my previous mapping i use Maschine to control Deck A,B & Rmx Deck C

page A : Hot cues A&B(8 hot cues) also same buttons work as delete (added modifier STEP button)

in page B you will have two buttons lighting up when the modifier is off (so you will know if the page A pads are working as deleting or storing Hot cues)

page B: first row loops for A,second row is for B(on flux mode will work as beat roll,while in normal will do the same but you have to press twice to deactivate)Hold buttons simultaneously to have beat roll effect...
Third raw is flux on and off for A&B,sync on and quantize

last row is cue and CUP, where cue works as unloading A&B and CUP loading A&B (tracks) when modifier is on (STEP button)
Page C:first four buttons will select fx presets (FX 1,2 &3 has to be GroupFX while 4 has to be single)

And here is the surprise you will like this page is level mete for Master,Decks A,B and C :)

Page D only first 4 pads will load your loops to the empty slots of the remix deck so you will create your remix set
Page E I normally configured it with DJVC software to control RMX Deck C.

the pad buttons blink on the beat for A&B so they work as a beat monitor

the first Four pad buttons changes the pages of RMC deck C(you have to follow DJVC zip file,and will work like a charm)

the control button will turn tool tips on

Browse and sampling buttons selcts the FX 1 & 2 modes (single and group)

snap and auto write turns fiter on and off for decks A&B

Now I have Four pages for FX 1&2 first page is standard controls while the 2nd and third page the knobs are macro and each knob controls the three parameters in different manners
The fourth is Remix deck C filter and volume
first and second master knobs control filter A&B,third is recording gain,note repeat turns recording on & off

assigning fx 1 &2 to deck A is restart & play buttons

assigning fx 1 &2 to deck B is recordt & arrow buttons
and last two assign  fx to Deck C
Mute button will turn full screen on

all with LED


Native Instruments - Maschine
Scratch Pro - Version 2.6Downloads: 3451
4 decks, 4 FX units
Author: zahiDate: 5-5-2013

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zahi wrote on May 5, 2013 at 20:09
hi guys the previous version was missing one TSI now it is there kindly download it again


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