FX Controls for DJM-2000 MIDI Screen

Been messing around with this one for a few days.  I haven't seen anyone do a mapping like this so check it out and let me know what you think!
This Mapping is fairly simple but useful for people running CDJs and a DJM-2000 with Traktor. Each function is explained in the "comments" section of each mapping of the .tsi file. It will say what Type, Page, and Button/Slider number on the DJM-2000 MIDI page (refer to page 21 & 22 in the manual for numbering)  

Basically "Type B" is controlling all the Buttons & Knobs in the FX Panel.  Page 1 is FX unit 1, Page 2 is FX Unit 2. Top row of buttons on Page 1 turns the FX Units on/off for Deck A (DJM Button# 1 & 2) & Deck B (DJM Button# 3 & 4). The Bottom row of buttons (5-8) correspond to the FX Unit buttons as they appear on the screen. Obviously, the sliders correspond to the Dry/Wet & each Knob in Traktor.

Type B, Page 2: DJM Button# 1 & 2 will change the FX mode from Single to chained for each FX Panel.

Type D: Both pages are identical controls.  Page 1= FX Panel 1  Page 2 = FX Panel 2

I felt the XY pad would be more useful to control the parameters in a single FX

Button 1: FX on/off
Button 2: FX Button 2
Button 3: FX Button 3

XY: I have 2 parameters mapped to the same axis. Feel free to change it up!

One more little Mapping included is for the Key Knob in Traktor. I have the S4 as well and I don't like how there isn't a knob to control the Key.  

THE WHITE "MIDI ON/OFF" BUTTON MUST BE ON!! Make sure there are no InstFX selected! 

Deck A Key Knob: Channel 2 InstFX Knob
Deck B Key Knob: Channel 3 InstFX Knob

Feel free to send over any ideas you may have for this mapping. Since I use CDJs and/or the S4, I won't consider adding too many deck controls since thats all taken care of already.  I wish NI would let me go more in depth with mapping the Remix Decks Slots! 

Pioneer - DJM-2000
Pro - Version 2.6Downloads: 3997
2 decks, 2 FX units
Author: VCE217Date: 6-5-2013

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