Akai MPD24 Personal Mappings

Original mappings I came up with myself for every function I use regularly when djing/mixing.

Lay out is logical (in my opinion) and easy to get used to.
The channel faders include fader play (where moving the fader up starts automatically playing the deck).

Only bank A is used, so B C and D are free to map more things to if needed.

Also, only one FX unit is used due to lack of free buttons and I don't like to switch banks, so my right side of traktor has the audio recorder instead of the FX 2 unit, as I like to record any live mixing.
Akai - MPD 24
Pro - Version 2.6.2Downloads: 3372
2 decks, 2 FX units
Author: hatrixDate: 8-5-2013

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