Traktor Remix Decks Maschine(MkI )mapping

A simple mapping giving you access to basic features of the Remix Decks like Volume,Filter, Play Mode etc.
Hey everyone, I've been looking for a mapping for Maschine giving me the option to control the Remix Decks with Maschine but I didn't found anything that was fitting my ideas so I created somith on my own. So here we go:

This mapping features controll of: Filter On/Off,Filter Adjust, Mute, Volume Adjust, Quantize, Qzantize Select, Tempo Adjust, Sync, Play/Pause, Slot Stop, Size Adjust, Retrigger Play, Keylock, Punch, FX On, Monitor, Play Mode, Set as Master, Sample Page select and of course Trigger for all cells of the diffrent slots.

The controll of all these features works in this way:
The mapping is based on a controller template which gives you access to 2 Knob pages and 8 Pad pages.It is made to control decks C and D as Remix Decks. The pad pages A-D control the trigger of Deck C slots, pages E-H control the trigger of Deck D. The Sample Pages inside Traktor can be scrowled with the knobs Volume and Swing for the two Decks.

With the knob tempo you can select quantize for deck C. Quantize is activated with the button scene.
The buttons restart and play control play/pause. The buttons < and rec activate sync for the decks.

The buttons control and step sets one of the two decks as master.
The row of buttons at the top controls Stop and Filter On. The 4 buttons over the left display control Stop the other 4 control Filter on.
The row of buttons is controlling Volume and Filter Adjust. The left 4 knobs control Volume the 4 knobs on the right controll filter adjust.
The buttons < > giving you access to the two knob pages, page one is for deck C, page two is for Deck D.

The mapping all so  contains two modifiers. Modifier 1 is the button mute. When mute is pressed the 4 buttons over the left display become the mute switches.

The second and more important modifieris the button note repeat. With this button you can access more features of the decks. These features are mapped like on the F1. When note repeat is activated the first row of pads controls Keylock on/off. The second row is FX on. The third row is monitor und the fourth row is punch.
The 8 buttons at the top change function all so. The left 4 are now retrigger play the right 4 are now play mode. The 4 knobs under the left Display do now affect the slot size.
The knob tempo is now quantize selct for deck D. Quantize is activated with scene button.

So this my mapping. Hope you will enjoy it and if you got any ideas let me know maybe i will find an option to make them possible. If you got my mapping and changed it I would be happy if you let me know so i can see what you changed. The zip. folder contains the mapping and a template for the controll editor. You should load this template into you editor otherwise I am not sure if my mapping is going to work.

With best regards from Germany,
Native Instruments - Maschine
Pro - Version 2.6.2Downloads: 3482
2 decks, no FX units
Author: ATF1302Date: 8-7-2013

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