Ultimate Maschine Mapping (Donationware)

The Mapping is for the Maschine MK II (not Mikro), featuring full 4 deck support. You can control all track decks with 8 cuepoints and remix decks with all 64 samples. Full color support (not for remix decks yet, since Traktor does not support it) - cues light up blue, gridmarkers white, loops green... Control Filter, Phase, Position, Key, EQ and Volume for each deck. Read more in documentation.
Have a look in the description or the presentation movie:

You won't find the mapping here, download just contains the documentation. I spend plenty of hours on this mapping featuring full color support with more than 3000 commands. You can download it here after donating an amount you like: http://sndstrm.de/maschine

DE: Dieses Mapping ist nur gegen eine Spende erhältlich. Es hat mich etliche Stunden, Tage und Wochen gekostet, die inzwischen über 3000 Befehle einzupflegen. Wenn du per PayPal spendest, erhältst du sofort Zugang zu dem Mapping. Ihr könnt auch erst einmal 1ct Spenden, wenn ihr es testen wollt. Bitte seid jedoch so fair und spendet den Betrag, den es euch wert ist. Alle Infos hier:

Grizzly Adams (Traktor) and Comfort Fit (Maschine) from Native Instruments said, it's a huge and great work. So don't miss it!
Native Instruments - Maschine
Duo, Scratch Duo, Pro, Scratch Pro - Version 2.6.xDownloads: 3433
4 decks, 4 FX units
Author: SoundStormDate: 9-3-2013

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