Traktor Pro - mapping for the Lauchpad
gives control over:
This mapping is meant to be used in combination with another midi mixer but can also easily be used as a standalone loop/fx unit. I use it with an M-Audio X-Session for example. The Launchpad is divided in deck A and deck B on the left and right side, a master volume fader on the right row of buttons and a browser control on the top row.  For the two deck-sections A and B the controls are similar on both sides.
If you want to change colors of the LEDs go to the controller editor for the launchpad mapping. I labeled all outputs in the comment-section so that you can see what function they have and change the button's color. I don't recommend you to change anything in the input-section if you have no experience with mapping the launchpad since some of the commands are rather complex and wouldn't work anymore if changed.



-the browser-section is the top row of round buttons on the launchpad and marked red in the mapping-picture.
-the arrow-buttons on the left are up/down buttons for the browser list and tree. (as seen in the mapping picture) 
-the session-button acts as an expand/collaps button for the browser tree. 
-the user one/two buttons load the in the list selected song into the corresponding deck. The color indicates:  
-Green: deck is playing 
-Red: track end warning 
-the "mixer" button acts as "only browser layout"-toogle. 
-Red: deck-layout 
-Green: browser-layout 


-the round buttons on the left show the master output meter and are marked green in the mapping-picture
-Green: low 
-Orange: 3 dB headroom 
-Red: clipping 
-the buttons also act as a master output fader. 


.the hotcue-section are the two top rows of buttons on the launchpad and marked red in the mapping-picture
-in the hotcue section you have instant access to seven hotcues on each deck. By pressing one of the red buttons you set and store a hotcue and the buttons turns to a brighter red indicating a cue is active. 
-Common sense: press an active hotcue button to play it 
-to delete a hotcue hold the yellow button in the hotcue section and press the active hotcue you want to delete 


-the dark green buttons in the middle of the launnchpad are eq-kill buttons for the high- mid- and low-knobs. (marked green in the mapping-picture)
-the orange button below the eq-kill buttons activates the filter knob when held. The filter knob has to be mapped seperately. 


-the fx-section are the vertical yellow button-rows in the mapping picture and the red buttons next to them.
-the fx sections have to be in single mode and assinged as following:  
deck A: fx section1 / deck B: fx section 2 
-with the red buttons in the FX section you choose between two effects for the effect section. They are reverb t3 and darkmatter by default. 
-note: if you're using an older version of traktor the "darkmatter"-effect could possibly not be there yet. to change that effect, read the instruction "how to change effects"
-the red button next to the fx-chooser acts as an on/off switch for the effect and as the 0%-button for the dry/wet-fader.  
-Red: effect is off 
-Yellow: effect is on 
-the yellow buttons next to the effect dry/wet is the fader for the knob 3 on the effect-section. 

-next to the FX-section there is an orange master button which sets the track as master tempo and a cue (cup) play-indicator 
Novation - Launchpad
Duo, Scratch Duo, Pro, Scratch Pro, Pro S4 - Version 2.6Downloads: 7322
2 decks, 2 FX units
Author: reakteDate: 1-8-2014

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ffierro97 wrote on January 6, 2014 at 23:11
Hi can please tell me how can I install it?
 reakte replies
hi, the .tsi file was missing in the.zip and i fixed that now. please download it again and open the file in traktor. (preferences/controller manager/add/import/select .tsi)
Dj Speed wrote on December 3, 2014 at 16:56
Hi to my launchpad I get the not displayed as you have it there as a picture . It shines in all sorts of colors but not logically arranged . pls help i have a launchpad s
jk909 wrote on January 4, 2015 at 05:33
I'm seeing the same problem as Dj Speed. The launchpad lights up, but the mapping does not correspond at all to the one shown in the picture on this site. I'm guessing the wrong .tsi was included. Please fix! thanks.


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