Faderfox DX2 4 Decks / 2 Effects - Traktor Pro 2.6.6

Manual mapping for 4 decks and 2 FX with some controls changed from their standard labels.
This was done for Traktor Pro 2.6.6
PDF is attached for the layout.

Shift Button moves most controls between A/B to C/D
The exception with ‘shift' is the toggle between FX1 and FX2.  Use SHIFT + the green button under the FX1/2 LEDs to toggle between the FX units.  The the POTS and green buttons will correspond to the controls in the unit that has LED focus.

I didn’t use the Seek/Scratch and Pitch POTS as labelled.
These POTS correspond directly to the volume control for each deck.  I didn’t have this on my other mixer controller, so this made more sense for me for these POTS on the DX2... they can always be re-mapped.

In the LOOP section, the top buttons step up and down the standard loop values and the bottom buttons are loop IN/OUT for manual looping
Faderfox - DX 2
Pro - Version 2.6Downloads: 2097
4 decks, 2 FX units
Author: jaba.wookie@yahoo.comDate: 1-16-2014

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