DDJ-Ergo with CD-Mode on Traktor 1.4.2 setup like CDJ Nexus.

There's NO CD-Mode in Traktor 2.6.1. This map only works on Version 1.4.2 that has CD-Mode for manual DJing by ear and is setup like a CDJ Nexus.
DDJ-Ergo Nexus map has: 
8 Hot Cues on decks 1 & 2.
Full effects control 1 & 2.
Scratching on both decks.

Shift/Loop-in for Jog Wheel Loop out.
Shift/Loop-out for Jog Wheel Loop move.

To use CDJ mode press play then press the vinyl button to toggle CD/Vinyl modes to CD-Mode. Now press play to pause and you'll hear a CDJ stutter cue then you can turn the sampler knob (just like adjusting the Beat-Grid on Pioneer Nexus) to adjust the beat-grid and find the beat while monitoring with headphones. Press Cue to set, you can also Beat-Step by pressing shift & Play (I like to beat-step to the 16th beat) or shift & Cue to Beat-Step backwards.

There's also a CD-Mode (CDJ-Mode) on Virtual DJ. If you want to use Virtual DJ CD-Mode, just buy the full version of Virtual DJ and download TexZK CD-Mode plugin for CDJ-1000 style stutter-cue (da, da, da, da, da). I'd modified my TexZK plugin to use a beat-grid dial (Nexus deck style) as well as the Jog-Wheel (CDJ-1000 style) to find the beat manually while monitoring the mix with headphones.

All the automatic DJ's suck dicks hard out and only have other bro's as fans- lol!

DJ Choca
Pioneer - DDJ-Ergo
Scratch Pro - Version 1.2.4Downloads: 3022
2 decks, 2 FX units
Author: TraktorPowerDate: 3-12-2014




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