Xone:DB4 - two deck expanded control project (help)

Concept:  Two Traktor decks..yes TWO for DVS or simply two decks in Traktor! 
Decks A&B MIDI controls of DB4 CH's 2 & 3 with further A&B deck controls laid-out on the outer MIDI controls of mixer CH's 1 (Deck A) & 4 (Deck B).  Audio routing is set-up accordingly.  A XTRA MIDI-A Deck-B Deck-B XTRA MIDI. 
If you can, help me out by fixing issues identified (below) with this mapping. 
It is a Traktor TSI with Decks A&B being the only decks controlled and audio routed on DB4 CH's 2 & 3.  Other features like Hotcues 1-3 to 5 and MOVE are on the outer channels...the original concept was to keep it simple…only three HotCues are here which are for each deck on the outer channels….an old concept of just two CDJ decks and three hotcues.  CUP and PLAY/STOP are also set-up like CDJ being CUP on top and Play/stop on the bottom.
Try it first and forgive me for what I cannot remember as I sit behind my computer and out of the studio.  I simply have forgotten what I did but a quick try of the FX sections will tell you what is going on. I will see what I did in Xtreme Mapping.
No layers here…again, I tried to keep it simple.  

The DB4 MIDI Channel is 16 
First actions:  Import - Add, set-up DB4 as targets
Push TURN MIDI on DB4 (duh)
FX ADJ is Folder Tree Scroll up & down
FX TIME is selected Folder's track Scroll up & down
SELECT button on Channels 2 (Deck A) & 3 (DECK B) is LOAD selected track into deck from the beginning in a loop. 
DB4 CH 2 & 3 LOOPER Rotary turning actually chooses the size and pressing down will trigger/activate the selected loop size on/off on the Rotary of Channels 2 (Deck A) and Channel 3 (Deck B)
DLY button on Channels 2 (Deck A) & 3 (DECK B) is CUP (hold to play - release to stop)
VRB button on Channels 2 (Deck A) & 3 (DECK B) is Play/Stop (press DLY to return to original play start)
RES button on CH's 2 (Deck A) & 3 (DECK B) is SYNC on/off
MOD button on CH's 2 (Deck A) & 3 (DECK B) is Bend >
DMG button on CH's 2 (Deck A) & 3 (DECK B) is Bend <

CUE button on CH's 2 (Deck A) & 3 (DECK B) are supposed to change to CUE Adv mode
CUE button CH's 1 (Deck A) & 4 (DECK B) are supposed to change to MOVE Adv mode

The rest of the known issues are described here: 
Allen & Heath - Xone:DB4
Scratch Pro - Version 2.6.xDownloads: 5228
2 decks, no FX units
Author: MoMo [runningoutofspace]Date: 9-7-2014




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MoMo [runningoutofspace] wrote on August 15, 2014 at 08:28
:::::::FIX AREAS IDENTIFIED::::::::Outer channels have all the issues::::::: - MENU was supposed to change the views and one was Folder and another is the deck lay-out - Mapping HOTCUES proved difficult so I tried to set-up three Hotcues (1-3) here- s
 MoMo [runningoutofspace] replies
All of the issues known are described here: http://xoneforum.allen-heath.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=5117&PID=19038
MoMo [runningoutofspace] wrote on August 15, 2014 at 08:36
Also, I'm using 2.6.8


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