4 Deck with LED's, LED's hack, DB level, shifts, and FX Fully mapped.

M-Audio 4 Deck full mapping, LED's with hack. Must read description for instructions. 

Having trouble getting the light working? This file contains the hack to make all the LED mappings work. Which are included. Just unplug the controller, plug it back in, then the number 2 hot cue and the padlock button till the track position lights have fully loaded. There are also shift buttons set on this. It you hold the shift key for the side of the decks your on (The one with the up arrow above the gain) the FX on buttons. It will scroll through the FX. The gain kill deletes ho cues, and the hold down the hand button and moving the jog wheel will scroll through your tracks. Buttons either side of the cross fader will load track.
M-Audio - Torq Xponent
Scratch Pro - Version 1.1.1Downloads: 10060
4 decks, 2 FX units
Author: The DeanDate: 2-20-2015

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