Simple volume control for individual stems on Deck A and B using the KP3 touch interface

This file contains very simple mapping to control the volume of the individual stems playing on the decks A and B using eight virtual sliders on the touch interface of the Kaoss Pad 3. That's it. - No other knobs, faders or buttons are assigned.
I created these mappings in Traktor 2.10.0, not 2.7.x! I know, that the preferences regarding Stem decks have been changed to "Submix", recently. So I am not sure, if my mapping will work in older versions. Traktor version 2.7.x was the latest version I was able to choose from when uploading my file.

What the mapping does:
This mapping allows you to use eight virtual vertical sliders to control the volumes of the individual stems loaded in Deck A and B in the following configuration (from left to right):

Slider 1 = Deck A, Stem 1
Slider 2 = Deck A, Stem 2
Slider 3 = Deck A, Stem 3
Slider 4 = Deck A, Stem 4
Slider 5 = Deck B, Stem 1
Slider 6 = Deck B, Stem 2
Slider 7 = Deck B, Stem 3
Slider 8 = Deck B, Stem 4

1.) You have the complete overview over the stem volumes of two decks at once.
2.) The faders are extremely fast, allowing you to mute or maximize the volume instantly.
3.) No need to buy a new controller, when you have a KP3 sitting around ... ;)

1.) The KP3's interface is not multi-touch, so you can move only one fader at the time.
2.) The eight faders only send midi signals. I did not figure out, how program the LEDs, yet. So when you start, the LEDs on the touch interface will be dark and you need to swipe with your finger over the top row to light them all up.
3.) The faders might not have the resolution you may desire. It is enough for me to test the stem files I produce, though.

Configuration of the KP3:
1.) The KP3 has to be in "External Control" mode. (Press Shift + Button 8 on the KP3)
2.) The touch interface of the KP3 has to be set to "Pattern 4" (in the KP3 Editor).

To make this work properly, I recommend to install the current version of the KP3 driver and KP3 editor, as well as updating the firmware of the KP3 to the current version. 

Here is the download link of the "KAOSS PAD KP3/System Updater/Editor" I use: (accessed Jan 22nd, 2015)

Please refer to your manual or YouTube videos on how to setup your KP3 as midi controller. Here is a good video which helped me to set it up: (accessed Jan. 22nd, 2016)

Traktor has to be turned off, when you transfer the MIDI configuration between the KP3 Editor and the KP3!


Check out my Stem tracks on Dubseed:
Korg - Kaos Pad 3
Duo, Scratch Duo, Pro, Scratch Pro, Pro S4 - Version 2.7.xDownloads: 1665
2 decks, no FX units
Author: EngineeerDate: 1-29-2016




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